dreamsCube© is the State-of-the-Art Portal for owners and investors of any Real Estate Investment Firm and the best office tool to automate your work in the Real Estate Investment world.

An All-In-One Solution For Your Investment Firm


Back Office

Automate and optimize all your investment operations in a powerful and easy-to-use system that puts cutting-edge technology at your service.


Investor Portal

Delight your current investors and attract new ones with a top-of-the-line portal that they can access anytime, anywhere and from any device.


CRM - Marketing Tools

Manage your relationship with current and potential investors, and raise equity for new projects easier and faster!


...and much more!

Capital Calls, Distributions, ACH Payments, REIT Management, Custom Reports, Electronic Signatures, Tasks Manager, etc.

Automate and Optimize your Back Office

Keep your operations fast, easy and productive.


▪  Back Office Features  ▪

Organize and Manage:

Investors information, Properties, Portfolio Companies, Lenders, Brokers, Banks, and all the documents and information about each one of them.

Graphic Dashboards 

Enjoy stunning animated dashboards that will allow you to view the vital signs of your business in one screen.

REIT Module

If you want to create your own Real Estate Investment Trust, you will be able to: buy and sell shares, issue new shares, calculate NAV values, dividend, fees, and all other REITs operations and reports.

Automate Operations

Shares transfer, Capital Calls, Financing and Capital Return, Sale Distribution, Financial documents and K1 automatic distributions.

Cloud Based Platform

Your Back Office will run in the cloud in a secure and solid platform using the services of the High-Tech leaders, Microsoft Azure® and Amazon Services®.

Security & Privacy

We provide complete secure access with the option for a 2-Step verification login and constant external data backups.


It will take just seconds to make a periodic Distribution. You will be able to project the numbers, review them and then with just one click execute the distributions! The investors will be notified  and have all the information  in their portal.

CRM -  Marketing tools

Raise funds with a powerful CRM specially designed for Real Estate firms, that allows you to: create Leads, prepare email and text Campaigns, design Virtual Marketing Rooms, and more.

Documents & Reports

The system will create stunning and colorful statements with pictures and charts. You can also interactively define new reports without technical background and export those reports to Excel, PDF, Word, HTML or print them.

Investor Portal

Increase the satisfaction of your Investors by enabling them to access their information in the most convenient way


▪  Investor Portal Features  ▪

The portal will offer them: 

Transparency, 24/7 accessibility and an easy and enhanced way to monitor their investments.

Cloud Based Technology

Access the information anytime, anywhere and from any device: Desktop computer, Tablet and even smartphones!


Security and privacy are our priority. A fully functional login with the option for a 2-step verification provides secure access to investment information and documents.



Send marketing materials and show your investors any projects available for investment within the same portal. Raise capital faster!

Cut on Customer Support

Reduce time and resources spent on Customer Support. All information, documents and reports are available for them in their portal.


Investors will automatically be notified every time they receive a distribution.

Raise Funds in an Easy, Organized and Fast Way

▪ CRM Features ▪

Manage Leads

Create Leads, Lead Groups and associate tags to each one of them for future searches.

Marketing Material

Design impressive Emails, Text Campaigns and Virtual Marketing Rooms simply by drag & drop Videos, Images, Presentations and Projections.

Spread the Word!

Send the marketing material and you will be notified the second your lead opens any email or text, or enters the Virtual Room, with statistical information, so you can follow up!

News in the Portal

You can post any news that you may want to inform your investors about, straight into the Investor Portal, like any new investment opportunities!

Interactive Map

An Interactive Map in the Investor Portal will allow them to explore new investment opportunities. They can click on them to get more information and to see its investor presentation.


Use the tools of this powerful CRM specially designed for Real Estate firms and watch your company grow!

A Fully Integrated System

Back Office automation - Investor Portal - Fundraise - Financing - Real Estate CRM - Marketing Campaigns - Capital Calls - Distributions - ACH Payments - Custom Reports - REIT Management - Tasks Manager - Electronic Signatures
...and much more!


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